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Riddle- Boujee Original Scent Body Oil

Riddle- Boujee Original Scent Body Oil

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Scent Category - Clean and Subtle ORIGINAL

Scent Notes - Amber | Musk

Our Boujee oil will deliver nourishing ingredients for a healthy glow while also leaving behind a beautiful scent. Layer your favorite Riddle scented Roll-on with the complimentary Boujee, and your scent will smell more potent and last longer.

Cruelty-free | Vegan | Non-toxic | Hypoallergenic


Disclaimer: Original is our top-selling scent and is considered a pheromone oil, made using base notes only, and requires body heat to warm and evaporate it into the air. This unique property is very different than most fragrances. Depending on your ability to detect musks or not, you may have a hard time smelling the oil out of the bottle.

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